Eivissa opens a new environmental service, which answers questions from citizens and companies thorough the city


Redacción Línea Verde

The Línea Verde Project is a service where companies and citizens of Eivissa can solve any doubt that they may have related to environmental issues, either by phone or using a specific website.

The Línea Verde website of  Eivissa  is available at http://www.lineaverdeEivissa.com/  and it provides online and phone service where all interested can solve their questions fast, easily and efficiently.

Also, in this page, the users can access the most current environmental news.

Frequently Asked Questions

I´d like to change the light system in my company, where can I find grants or subsidies related to energy efficiency? Can you tell how to improve natural light conditions in our office building? When can I deposit pens, markers and other office supplies, broken or used, like these ones? We are a construction company and we would like to reuse construction waste. Is there a catalog that lists these materials that we can follow?

These are some of the questions that Línea Verde solves every day.

These Frequently Asked Questions, solved by the best professionals in each area, are available for all companies. Línea Verde also provides a wide selection of environmental documents, handbooks, and legal texts completely current, for those who wish to broaden the information.

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