The proceeds from the auctioning of allowances will be allocated to renewable


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The Secretary of State for the Environment, Federico Ramos, in his speech at the III International Energy Assembly (IRENA) held in Abu Dhabi (UAE), has announced that "Spain has decided that 90% of the proceeds from auctioning allowances contribute to the promotion of renewable energy".

The Secretary of State for the Environment has reiterated the commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Spanish Government with the energy pack and the Environment of the EU 2020 for a sustainable and inclusive economy, through policies directed towards low carbon economy.

Support for renewable

In this way, Ramos announced that "even now, we must rationalize the use of resources; we must also consider the need for renewable energy penetration in a manner consistent with the european objectives and costs".

For the Secretary of State, climate policies have important effects on the configuration of global power and the contribution of renewable energy in these systems. Therefore, "find and implement the most appropriate and effective funding of renewable energy globally remains a pending issue that is assuming a major obstacle to the expansion of certain regions of the planet", said Ramos.

Regarding this issue, has proposed that countries like Spain "collaborate in financing the private sector, for which companies must find sufficient market possibilities which undertake the necessary investments to target toward energy generation mixes more clean".

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